“Thank you for organising these sessions, they do feel like a life saver“

“Projects like Jamila’s Legacy are like golddust”

“Rehana has created something wonderful, a safe space both in the real world and online for people to talk about their mental health and well-being to support each other and bring about the change that is needed”
Darren Goddard – Force Crime Registrar at Leicestershire Constabulary

“I have come away from these art sessions a new found talent and I hope to keep up with developing this amazing skill”

“Jamila’s Legacy is really helpful, just going to one session made me realise I need to take care of my mental health and I need to seek help.”

“Jamila’s Legacy has been a step back into everyday life, which I had been ‘hibernating from’. I find the welcoming and the non-judgmental, enabling approach was just the ticket I need during a time when I felt isolated, insular and getting increasingly low in my moods”.

"I love joining your events. I have always felt I can completely be myself and there are no expectations pit on me. That's the best feeling ever, when all my life i felt trapped in the cage od emotions"

"Thanks for today, brought up some buried feelings and memories. Sometimes when I look back, I just don't believe am still here living"

"Thank you for today's session, it was really helpful making more senses of the nonsense in my life"

"Happy 6th Year of your fantastic project that has helped so may people. Keep up the Good Work"

“We’ve loved working with Jamila’s Legacy. They’ve taken a real collaborative approach in working with the studio, finding an offer that works best for us and our community. The quality of work is simply excellent, supportive, thoughtful, and responsive to our needs and always looking at ways to make lasting impact. Jamila’s Legacy are an absolute pleasure to work with. We look forward to growing our partnership”.
Carl Quinn (CEO)- Solvers Studio

“Jamila’s Legacy empowers individuals to support their mental health via peer support and self-help. The most unique feature of Jamila’s Legacy is to facilitate individuals to identify and develop solutions, resources and training sessions that they feel are crucial to their mental wellbeing using a user led approach”.
Haleema Aslam – Doctoral Researcher/Carbon Literacy Trainer

“I have found Jamila’s Legacy to be a much-needed resource not only during the Covid pandemic but also following the pandemic. I have personally benefitted from the information sessions on handling bereavement and grief, learning about culturally appropriate services and learning about the availability of resources that help with financial and debt management By bringing in specialists to deliver information sessions. Jamila’s Legacy is enabling access to services to individuals who would otherwise not have access to in these days of increasing mental health problems and limited statutory and voluntary services”